About Us

Hello there!

My name is Kristal Childs, and I’m so glad you’re here. Pursuing Eden Rentals was created in 2010 by myself and my mom Deadre Arden. I am a third generation picker, and grew up following my Temah and Mom all around East Texas, knocking on doors and hunting for unique treasures. We didn’t go anywhere without cash and a flashlight! In 2006, my husband, Doug, and I got married. Mom and I spent hours upon hours designing the wedding. A year later, the phone was ringing constantly for us to style more weddings and events, as pictures of ours spread around the area.

We now have a fourth generation picker, new to the family! Arden Rose arrived July 2014 and we are just smitten. I’ve loved every minute of having my mom by my side as we started this journey, and I am even more blessed to say she has now stepped into a new role, taking care of my sweet girl.

The Pursuing Eden team has grown since our humble beginnings, and I’m proud to say I have the best team around. Each member of the PE team plays an important role and strives to create a great experience for each client. Check back soon for introductions to each team member.

Thank you for stopping by!

Our Best,

Kristal Childs